Passion is the poetry of life: It swoops in when least anticipated, ensnaring me and releasing only upon its own liberation. Its boundaries aren't chains; they're the essence of focus and boundless expanse.

"He who doth seek greatness must gather his strength;
In limitation, the master doth reveal himself,
And only through the law may freedom be obtained."
(J. W. v. Goethe)



Are you drawn to the power of visual storytelling? I certainly am. It's a passion that has taken hold of me and refuses to loosen its grip. When I hold my camera, it's like I'm seeing the world through a different lens – one that lets me craft stories that go beyond ordinary videos. 

These aren't just recordings; they're cinematic experiences waiting to happen, ready to captivate audiences on the biggest screens. If you're craving to tell your story through the language of images, look no further. I'm here to be your perfect collaborator.



A photograph transcends mere capture; it embodies emotion, whispers interpretations. In its essence, it's the sonnet of cinema, distilled to pure visual poetry.

For me, photography is a fervent passion, a canvas of liberation. It sharpens my cinematic gaze, steadfast in its refusal to compromise.



Music is my heartbeat of the soul, resonating with the profound depths of our being and soaring to the dizzying heights of our emotions. It grips us, sweeps us away, carrying us to unseen vistas or memories long past, whether through the raw energy of live performances, the evocative power of film scores, or the sheer beauty of a mesmerizing recording. 

And when it intertwines with film, it becomes an inseparable part of the cinematic experience, like the essential cream to a delicious cake, enhancing every moment with its emotional resonance.

about me

My life is passion: I'm a passionate filmmaker, photographer, musician. But above all, I'm a father of three wonderful children and married to the best woman in the world! 

I've walked many paths: I've been a cyclist, a mountaineer, and a pilot. I've worked for years as a freelance engineer, made music on the streets of Berlin, and set dance floors on fire. Currently, I live with my family in a camper van, traveling across Europe.

From these ingredients emerge stories waiting to be told!